Our Staff

Dr. Maura Manning, MD

Dr. Maura Manning, MD, left a career in emergency room medicine because she felt that she lacked the ability to reach people before a major crisis brought them to the hospital.

As a doctor, she learned that rarely can emergency care compete with preventive care and wellness. Maura believes that health is a fundamental component to an abundant life. Traditional medicine stops when the patient is free of disease or when illness is controlled.

But there is another level of wellness that few have access to or are aware of – increased energy, restful sleep, emotional balance and sexual health. Maura feels passionate about finding an individualized pathway for each client to achieve that level of health in their life.  

Monna Manning

Monna Manning worked in sales and marketing before leaving the corporate life to pursue a career that lets her help people directly.

As a professional woman who wanted to look her best, she took advantage of aesthetic services but felt that, once she reached 50s, her wellness needs were largely ignored by her family physician and OB/GYN. In doing research, she realized that there was a level of care that was never offered to her.

That’s when Blue Sky Med Spa was born. 

Monna wanted to open a business that would meet people’s needs holistically, broadening aesthetic services to include wellness therapies, including physician-administered treatments.

No longer would people like herself have to feel unseen by the medical community.

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