DE|RIVE Hair Regrowth Treatment

A Revolutionary Noninvasive Treatment for Hair Restoration

What is DE|RIVE Hair Regrowth Treatment?

DE|RIVE hair regrowth is a plant-based hair treatment that enhances the appearance of fuller, thicker hair through ultrasound technology which penetrates the affected area to deliver a patented, biomimetic serum specifically formulated for hair and scalp health. The treatment does NOT require a single injection and is a pain-free process with no downtime!

Why choose DE|RIVE Hair Restoration over other hair regrowth therapies?

  • DE|RIVE is pain-free, involves no downtime and no needles!
  • DE|RIVE serum is plant-based, hormone free and all natural
  • DE|RIVE Hair Restoration not only regrows hair but nourishes the scalp to improve the appearance and thickness of existing hair
  • Hair regrowth can be seen in as little as a month after treatment is started and continues to improve over the course of the 6-month treatment
Man with hair loss problem on white background, closeup
Woman hanging her hair to show natural grey regrowth

What types of hair loss does DE|RIVE Hair Regrowth treat?

  • The simple 3 step in office DE|RIVE process is specifically engineered to address androgenetic alopecia, alopecia areata and telogen effluvium.  
  • DE|RIVE treats hair loss attributed to genetics, hereditary conditions, aging, postpartum, hormone shifts, stress, medications, supplements, medical treatments and even hair styles.
  • DE|RIVE hair growth treatment can be used for gradual hair thinning to the treatment of advanced stages of hair loss.

Before and After

Derive Before and After
Portrait of a beautiful young woman showing off her natural curly hair against a white background.

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